Fishing on the Bantham Estate

The Bantham Estate

Avon Fishery


The Bantham Estate Avon Fishery is an extension of the Bantham Estate where the efforts towards environmental stewardship are mirrored as they are on the farmland and in the Avon Estuary. River bank management is carried out in order to not only make the river accessible to anglers, but in turn creates habitat and shelter for fish populations, invertebrates and a host of other wildlife. 

Invasive Himalayan Balsam is controlled on an annual basis by pulling it at the root and removing it from the site. This is essential work in order to make way for native river bank species to thrive. 

The Bantham Estate are offering a number of annual fishing licenses to local anglers to fish for Salmon, Brown Trout and Sea Trout within the respective open seasons. The licenses can be obtained from the Estate office in Bantham, paid for by cash or cheque. Further details can be discussed by calling the office or sending an email.



Please find the Agreement and Map below:

Fishing Agreement

Fishing Map